These paintings are for sale

You can look at my watercolours on this page and also by clicking Category “Watercolours” in the right side menu bar. Make sure you see them all by clicking “Older posts” once you are done with one page.

All my watercolours so far are A3 size  (420 x 297 mm/16.5 x 11.7  in), framed in oak frame (1.5 cm/1 in) and mounted (3.5cm/2.5 in), making the total dimensions 550 x 380 mm/20 x 15 in.

The price is indicated below each painting. To purchase them, please contact me at poeticoxana@gmail.com. Payment by bank transfer, paypal or by cheque.

If you live locally, we can arrange for a meeting so that I can hand the painting to you. Otherwise, postage and package is £8 extra. I am sorry, but this is just how much it costs: I have to send it First Class because it has to be insured, as the frame comprises glass…

Keep your watercolour painting away from direct sun light, as this will damage the paints.

I also accept commissions to paint any watercolour you want: landscape, still life, abstract. I can frame the painting for you or can leave it to you, depending on your preference.

These are my paintings that are no longer available, but I can paint one similar to any of those on request: