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You can look at my watercolours on this page and also by clicking Category “Watercolours” in the right side menu bar. Make sure you see them all by clicking “Older posts” once you are done with one page.

All my watercolours so far are A3 size  (420 x 297 mm/16.5 x 11.7  in), framed in oak frame (1.5 cm/1 in) and mounted (3.5cm/2.5 in), making the total dimensions 550 x 380 mm/20 x 15 in.

The price is indicated below each painting. To purchase them, please contact me at Payment by bank transfer, paypal or by cheque.

If you live locally, we can arrange for a meeting so that I can hand the painting to you. Otherwise, postage and package is £8 extra. I am sorry, but this is just how much it costs: I have to send it First Class because it has to be insured, as the frame comprises glass…

Keep your watercolour painting away from direct sun light, as this will damage the paints.

I also accept commissions to paint any watercolour you want: landscape, still life, abstract. I can frame the painting for you or can leave it to you, depending on your preference.

I have sold all my paintings at the exhibition in Kava Cafe, so there are currently no paintings available for sale. Time to paint some more, heh?

These are my paintings that are no longer available, but I can paint one similar to any of those on request:

I studied Drawing, Watercolour and Composition at Adult evening courses in the Children’s Arts School Number One of Tomsk. The great Petr Pavlovish Gavrilenko patiently taught me everything good. Everything lousy in my watercolours – that’s from me.

I also would like to thank all other teachers at the school for their constant support and encouragement through the four years of studies, and at the final exam.

My favourite painter is Jackson Pollock. I remember I sat in front of his “Autumn Rhythm” in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and didn’t want to move. I also like Mikhail VrubelPaul KleeVincent Van GoghFrida Kahlo, Boticelli, Modigliani. I relate more to Modern Art and ancient and Medieval art, than to say Rococo, Classicism, or Baroque.

As well as watercolours, I also enjoy from time to time drawing with pencils or charcoal, and doing a collage.

Here you can see samples of my works. Please feel free to download and enjoy the collages:



Collages I find particularly liberating. I have been doing collages since Nursery – as instructed by helpful teachers and speech correction specialists. The, on my exchange year in an American high school I made an “American Dream” collage – yes, yes, talking about American propaganda and indoctrination!

I re-started doing them when I was going through The Artist’s Way course of creative recovery. Collages are handy, as you can make them fast, from ready materials, and yet they’re still you’re own. Collaging, too me, is also the fastest way to contact my brain’s right hemisphere – as decisions what to cut and where to put are taken in a split second, not giving the inner critic a single chance.


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