Watercolour: Portsmouth Rocks

The title for this painting is obviously a play on words. It portrays some rocks in the hills above the village of Portsmouth (by Cornholme by Todmorden) and at the same time expresses my admiration for the place.

My favourite features in this view are: the new wind turbines on the top of the hill to the left, the forest that frames Portsmouth so beautifully in deep emerald colour in summer and the house on the hillside, tiny from this distance, although it is actually a whole terrace.

The rocks in the hills of Portsmouth protrude out of the ground, here and there, small and big. They look too me like the brittle bones of our old Mother Earth.

I used sweeping semi-circular lines in drawing, throughout. I hope this helps to express the idea that Portsmouth is a like a little earth, and, at the same time, it is part of a much bigger world, connected to everything in it.

Buy this painting for £50 at the exhibition in Todmorden Tourist Information Centre, until 29 May.


Watercolour: Cornholme Mills


This is a view from a hill above the village of Cornholme along Burnley Road down into the valley and further onto Todmorden. The chimney of the old Cornholme Mills punctuates the narrow valley. My daughter studied the history of this plant at school in the context of the Industrial Revolution and child labour. She now likes saying that she is glad she did not live a those times. The factory is the only one remaining working mill in Cornholme.

While working on this watercolour, I relied on clear lines of drawing, which allowed to maintain the impression of two hillsides sliding down onto a valley and culminating in an opposing hillside above Todmorden.

I combined more naturalistic and more abstract techniques in this painting, including my favourite “borders melt into the centre” technique, which, to me, showcases he unique qualities of watercolour paints perfectly.

See this painting at the current exhibition in Todmorden Tourist Information Centre, until 29 May.


Watercolour exhibition opens in Todmorden Information Centre


Exhibition of my watercolour paintings has opened in Todmorden Tourist Information Centre.

Visit the Centre in Burnley Rd, Todmorden, for free until Sunday 29 May to see landscapes inspired by views around Todmorden.

I also paint flowers, which I spot in Todmorden parks.

Panel4TIC2016In addition, a landscape portraying a Irish lake and another one of a Russian river are also on exhibit.

The paintings are original and framed. They are available for prices in the range of £30-50.

For this exhibition I painted two brand new landscapes, which are available for purchase.


A few paintings from private collections feature in the exhibition and are not for sale.

Panel6TIC2016The styles presented are varied: there are three paintings which I did in an abstract style with which I have been experimenting.

Some works have been done on dry paper, while others benefited from the special effect of wet paper that gives watercolour paintings their distinct look.

I hope you enjoy recognising familiar scenery in my watercolours as well as looking at the views from lands far away.

Have a warm and sunny May!


Watercolour Exhibition in Todmorden Information Centre during May 2016

Come see my watercolours at a free exhibition from 1st May 2016. Todmorden Information Centre is open Monday to Saturday from 10.00am to 4.00pm and Sundays 10.45am to 2.30pm.


I am presenting my favourite subjects, which are flowers and local landscapes. I admire the curves of the hills above Portsmouth and Cornholme, with their changing colours through the seasons. In addition to those, an Irish and a Russian landscape will also feature.

The paintings are framed and are available to buy at affordable prices (£30-£40). Treat yourself or buy a special gift for a loved one.

Watercolour: Mango Skin

Mango Skin
Mango Skin

This painting is no for sale. It is special for me. I painted it maybe in 2010 when I was only re-discovering painting and watercolours. I might have started going through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way or was about to start it.By that time, I had not painted for about 9 years – since I graduated from a 4-year Arts School for adults, which I loved. My favourite subject was watercolours.

I dug up my old watercolors, found a piece of watercolour paper and painted the first thing that my eye caught: a mango in a wooden painted dish.

I can see now that the main theme: uniting the green and the red – is still with me and I am still trying to solve it in my watercolours. Another theme has developed in various ways, but basically it is one of what lies beneath and of life, passion and power of nature that is visible almost immediately as we look.

This painting has remained an inspiration for me and a reminder that just the same powers sleep in us all the time, until we let them out through creativity. It is NEVER too late to start, restart or take an unexpected turn in what you do.

Watercolour: Lilac Apparition

Lilac Apparition £50
Lilac Apparition £50

I only used dry paper technique for this watercolour painting. However, I aimed to let the water flow especially in the more ephemeral  pale petals in the background.

With this painting, I am especially happy with how the bright big leaf and the dark shadows turned out.

Buy this watercolor for £50 from Kava Cafe, Rochdale Rd, Todmorden, until 1 December, or directly from me at poeticoxana@gmail.com




Watercolour: Heather in Bloom

Heather in Bloom
Heather in Bloom £60

The moors above Todmorden are mesmerising. Each new angle gives you new slopes and nooks and shades of colour. As they said in “Black Books” about white wine: ‘All colours. Well, yellow’. So, various tints of green at your disposal.


In this watercolour, I again used a combination of wet- and dry-paper techniques. I aimed to express the vivacity of colour and the depth of shadows that sometimes occur on our moors on a sunny day.

Buy this watercolor for £60 from Kava Cafe, Rochdale Rd, Todmorden, until 1 December, or directly from me at poeticoxana@gmail.com

Watercolour: Fiery Petals

Fiery Petals £50
Fiery Petals £50

I love painting larger-than-life flowers.

First of all, I cherish the opportunity to study them in minute detail, admiring all the complexity of colours and textures that nature endowed them with.

Secondly, it gives me sensual pleasure to witness watercolours find their way across rough paper, mixing together and revealing the paper here, obscuring it there.

For “Fiery Petals” I used a combination of dry paper method for the grass and yellow petals and wet paper method for the red petals in order to make the latter stand out.

Buy this painting at Kava Cafe, Rochdale Rd, Todmorden, until 1 December – or from me directly at poeticoxana@gmail.com

Watercolour: Evening on the Lake Silligary

Evening on the lake Stilligary
Evening on the lake Stilligary

This is another one of my slightly psychedelic paintings, but I think the subject justifies it. A narrow strip of land, glowing with the red setting sun, in between dreamy sky and a lake filled to the brink with water spirits? I just followed their call…

Please note that pink line in the middle of the painting is a copyright stamp.

This painting is SOLD.


Watercolour: Above Portsmouth

Above Portsmouth
Above Portsmouth

I don’t know, I consider this to be one of the lightest and most innocent works of mine. It is what it is: a dreamy spring day over a quiet village, overlooked by a sleeping bear of a fir forest. In Russian, we sometimes call that green veil of buds and newly-popped leaves that envelops trees in early spring “little smoke”.

Please note that yellow lines in the middle of the painting are not defect, they are a copyright watermark stamp.

This painting is SOLD.