Watercolour: Cornholme Mills


This is a view from a hill above the village of Cornholme along Burnley Road down into the valley and further onto Todmorden. The chimney of the old Cornholme Mills punctuates the narrow valley. My daughter studied the history of this plant at school in the context of the Industrial Revolution and child labour. She now likes saying that she is glad she did not live a those times. The factory is the only one remaining working mill in Cornholme.

While working on this watercolour, I relied on clear lines of drawing, which allowed to maintain the impression of two hillsides sliding down onto a valley and culminating in an opposing hillside above Todmorden.

I combined more naturalistic and more abstract techniques in this painting, including my favourite “borders melt into the centre” technique, which, to me, showcases he unique qualities of watercolour paints perfectly.

See this painting at the current exhibition in Todmorden Tourist Information Centre, until 29 May.



Watercolour exhibition opens in Todmorden Information Centre


Exhibition of my watercolour paintings has opened in Todmorden Tourist Information Centre.

Visit the Centre in Burnley Rd, Todmorden, for free until Sunday 29 May to see landscapes inspired by views around Todmorden.

I also paint flowers, which I spot in Todmorden parks.

Panel4TIC2016In addition, a landscape portraying a Irish lake and another one of a Russian river are also on exhibit.

The paintings are original and framed. They are available for prices in the range of £30-50.

For this exhibition I painted two brand new landscapes, which are available for purchase.


A few paintings from private collections feature in the exhibition and are not for sale.

Panel6TIC2016The styles presented are varied: there are three paintings which I did in an abstract style with which I have been experimenting.

Some works have been done on dry paper, while others benefited from the special effect of wet paper that gives watercolour paintings their distinct look.

I hope you enjoy recognising familiar scenery in my watercolours as well as looking at the views from lands far away.

Have a warm and sunny May!


Watercolour Exhibition in Todmorden Information Centre during May 2016

Come see my watercolours at a free exhibition from 1st May 2016. Todmorden Information Centre is open Monday to Saturday from 10.00am to 4.00pm and Sundays 10.45am to 2.30pm.


I am presenting my favourite subjects, which are flowers and local landscapes. I admire the curves of the hills above Portsmouth and Cornholme, with their changing colours through the seasons. In addition to those, an Irish and a Russian landscape will also feature.

The paintings are framed and are available to buy at affordable prices (£30-£40). Treat yourself or buy a special gift for a loved one.

Watercolour: Heather in Bloom

Heather in Bloom
Heather in Bloom £60

The moors above Todmorden are mesmerising. Each new angle gives you new slopes and nooks and shades of colour. As they said in “Black Books” about white wine: ‘All colours. Well, yellow’. So, various tints of green at your disposal.


In this watercolour, I again used a combination of wet- and dry-paper techniques. I aimed to express the vivacity of colour and the depth of shadows that sometimes occur on our moors on a sunny day.

Buy this watercolor for £60 from Kava Cafe, Rochdale Rd, Todmorden, until 1 December, or directly from me at poeticoxana@gmail.com

Buy my watercolours at Kava cafe, Todmorden

Watercolours at Kava Cafe
Watercolours at Kava Cafe

Drop by a popular Todmorden cafe called Kava in Rochdale Rd and check out my latest watercolour exhibition. There are six paintings altogether, in the price range £50-£100.

OxanaKavaExhibition20102015I have done three new pieces for this exhibition: two flowers and a local landscape. The other two are landscapes I had painted earlier: one realist and one more abstract. The exhibition is on until 1 December.

Hurry and get a gift of a local watercolour painting for that special someone!



Buy my watercolours in Kava Cafe, Halifax Rd, Todmorden


Drop by Kava Cafe in Halifax Rd, Todmorden (opposite Lidl). Not only do they serve exclusive vegetarian organic dishes and mind-blowing drinks, such as freshly-squeezed fruit juices and world teas and coffees. From 26 May to 23 June the lovely Svetlana and Dale (also accomplished musicians) let me use the wall of their neighbourly cafe to exhibit my watercolours.

Use this opportunity to buy my watercolours very reasonably priced from £20 to £30. They are all local landscapes and flowers that grow in local parks and in the streets of Todmorden.

Add some colour to your home or office, let the summer in!

Exhibition at Todmorden Tourist Information Centre – all February 2013

Watercolours at Tourist Information Centre
Watercolours at Tourist Information Centre

I am excited to announce a new exhibition of my watercolours at Tormorden Tourist Information Centre. Yup, right here: across the road from the Town Hall. The exhibition runs throughout the month of February.

I am premiering three landscapes at this exhibition. The one you can see here is called “Spring Trees” and is inspired by the view from the hills down into Portsmouth valley. (Photographed next to “Horns of Summer“)

'Above Portsmouth' landscape
‘Above Portsmouth’ landscape

Another one is “Above Portsmouth”, seen here with the older watercolour “Study in Pink. Slow“.

'Mashes of Cornholme' landscape
‘Mashes of Cornholme’ landscape

And finally I painted this “Marshes of Cornholme” (here above “Melting Blast“) on wet paper, all colours flowing into each other and hopefully creating the sense of richness and fertile moist that you can find on the tops above Cornholme.

Why not drop by; the Centre is open every day 10 am – 4 pm, closed on  Sundays. Buy one of my very reasonably priced paintings (£20-£30) for your loved one to give on Valentine’s Day. The Centre also stocks a selection of souvenirs, books and DVDs about the local area and by local authors.

Watercolour: A Loch

A Loch
















Well, this is just the Highlands. A beautiful country where we had our wedding and the honeymoon. Reflections in the still water of the lochs there are out of this world.

Please note that gray lines in the middle of the painting are not defect, they are a copyright watermark stamp.

This painting is SOLD.

Watercolour: Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox

Happy Spring Equinox, everyone, or Ostara, or Alban Eilir! The day and night are of equal length, the light is back and growing in power.

This watercolour was inspired by the sight of translucent buds on the trees and  daffodils under them.

Please note that black text at the centre of the image does not appear on the actual painting, they are an electronic copyright watermark stamp.

This painting is SOLD

Watercolour: Winter Leaves

Winter Leaves

The idea for this watercolour came from one glance out of a bus window on a winter afternoon. And the style – I suppose is the result of years of leafing through a book of reproductions of Russian turn-of-the-century (the 19/20th one) paintings.

Please note that white text at the centre of the image does not appear on the actual painting, they are an electronic copyright watermark stamp.

If you are interested in purchasing this watercolour painting (420 x 297 mm/16.5 x 11.7  in, framed and mounted, £25), or want to see a larger photo, contact me on poeticoxana@gmail.com