South 47

My poem “Stopped Among Oak trees” is published in the poetry magazine South 47. “Walked in from the Cold” is in South 48. “And Yet” is in South 49. “Three Ages of Water” appeared in Weyfarers 115. “Genesis of Frost” and “Promise” appeared in the 21 issue of The Seventh Quarry poetry magazine, winter-spring 2015. “Lips” and “The Way Through Tomsk” are in The Seventh Quarry’s 24th issue.

I had my poem “Is this Wise?” published in an anthology “Reflections: A Collection of Poetry” by Young Writers in January 2012. “The Real Thing” was published in Aspects Of Love, and “Tomsk in the 1980s and now” in  Inspired in autumn 2012. “Todmorden Market Close on a Saturday Afternoon” is in The Great British Write Off – No Place Like Home, out in October 2014.

My haiku appeared in Convorbiri Literare, a Romanian literary magazine.

I have performed my poetry at festivals in Manchester and Halifax, as well as in the Three Minute Theatre. I perform at spoken word events in Calderdale and beyond.

John Darwin, a Manchester-based poet was kind enough to give my performance at January 2014 Spoken Weird this review: ”I was fascinated by the second guest Oxana Poberejnaia. Speaking fluently in a second language is hard enough but to write coherent and thought provoking poetry in one is astonishing. Her words were delightful, her mannerisms and delivery even more so. Unusual. She sticks in my head.”

I read at Puzzle Hall Poets in Sowerby Bridge and this is what the organiser Gaia Holmes said: “a BIG daffodil yellow thank you to you for being our guest at ‘The Puzzle’. You were wonderful…poems of poignancy, power and variety.”

For my high school yearbook my Mom found a poem I wrote when I was five years old. It was about a “burning” grass of nettles. Since then, I have written poems about things and people I love: winter and Sean Connery among others.

My favourite poet is Vladimir Mayakovsky. I performed his poem A Cloud in Trousers in Contact Theatre, Manchester, at Palaver Festival in March 2007.

Anne Caldwell taught me at “Writing Course for Women” in Todmorden.

You can find examples of my poetry in the Category “Poems” on the right side menu bar and two are here:

Bold poetry

Taking on the mantle of the public’s voice.

Who am I to make generalisations?

Not everyone likes the Parrot Sketch

And not all delight in rhyme clashes.

With poetry, it’s always a royal «We»

And a poetic «I», which includes

The whole world, olive oil through to ghee

In a line resolves all disputes.

By the right of this keyboard

And by the power given to me by

Stephen Fry I pronounce this dross

A poem.


My Grandmother during the Battle of Stalingrad


The door’s brush

On the wooden floor

Wakes me

Distant cannons

Smell of unwashed men

Smoke and spits

A young voice

Not from our village speaks:

“Take us in for a day,



She’s my Mother,

Not yours.


She’s giving them

My potatoes

My milk

She is laying my dowry

On the floor as their beds


I hug the calf

Nestled against the oven


At night

They go

Potatoes, milk

And warmth

Part of their bodies


They’re going to stop the cannons