Olimpia Iacob translated a series of my haiku, all inspired by the seasons here in Todmorden, into Romanian. They were published in Convorbiri Literare, a Romanian literary magazine established in 1867.

I think I was about twenty when my friend asked me what I wanted as a birthday present. I said, ‘A haiku collection’. My love for Japan and everything Japanese might have started with haiku. Or it could be the film Rising Sun with Sean Connery. I remember the feeling of amazement as reading three short lines reduced me to tears. Most probably it was a Basho haiku. Maybe the one about a frog. I could not understand that. I still don’t understand. You can find examples of haiku written by me in the Category “Haiku” at the right side menu bar.

Tired embrace.

Millions of my unborn babies

Travel down the pipes.


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