Addicts United from Sherlock Suite

Having grown in the Soviet Union, I have internalised the slogan “Proletariat of all countries, unite!” It came out as “Addicts United” in Sherlock Suite.

You might have noticed, that the protagonist of Sherlock Suite fills her days with something other than just watching the BBC’s Sherlock. Yes, that’s right, she also watches quite a lot of House, The Office, and Fortysomething. She feels happy united with the like-minded characters who each find delight in never-ending obsessive activities: solving crimes, curing diseases, watching others do the aforementioned – you name it!

Rene Sens played with theme tunes from TV shows and games for this track, which in the lyrycsless soundtrack is called “Just Watch”.

Clue hunt

This poem contains two hidden references (besides the names and events) to the BBC drama Sherlock. Find them and put them in the comments box below.


Watercolour: Lilac Apparition

Lilac Apparition £50
Lilac Apparition £50

I only used dry paper technique for this watercolour painting. However, I aimed to let the water flow especially in the more ephemeral  pale petals in the background.

With this painting, I am especially happy with how the bright big leaf and the dark shadows turned out.

Buy this watercolor for £50 from Kava Cafe, Rochdale Rd, Todmorden, until 1 December, or directly from me at




The Secret of “How To Be British” from Sherlock Suite

Rene Sens wrote a most amusing soundtrack for the poem “How To British” for my Sherlock Suite. Listening to it, you can just see a rare sunny summer day in a park. Children, adults and dogs enjoy ice-cream from a tacky ice-cream van. And of course, out there in the distance, a brass band on the proverbial band stand is puffing away the dreams of Britishness.

I talked to my Russian friend who had moved to Spain after 13 years in the UK. He said he found it difficult to adjust to Spanish life, with all his Britishness.

So what does it mean to be British. Listen to the poem to find out.

Watercolour: Heather in Bloom

Heather in Bloom
Heather in Bloom £60

The moors above Todmorden are mesmerising. Each new angle gives you new slopes and nooks and shades of colour. As they said in “Black Books” about white wine: ‘All colours. Well, yellow’. So, various tints of green at your disposal.


In this watercolour, I again used a combination of wet- and dry-paper techniques. I aimed to express the vivacity of colour and the depth of shadows that sometimes occur on our moors on a sunny day.

Buy this watercolor for £60 from Kava Cafe, Rochdale Rd, Todmorden, until 1 December, or directly from me at

Learn “How to Spend Time Alone” from Sherlock Suite

There comes a time when ordinary things of your single life become treats. A cup of tea in peace. An uninterrupted TV programme.

Rene Sens’s unobtrusive, shimmering soundtrack reflects this feeling of a burden lifted and space revealed.

Sometimes, when your family is away due to some miracle, treats can turn into indulgences. How many episodes of a favourite series a day is too much? 10? 20?

Listen to “How to Spend Time Alone” from Sherlock Suite here for free.

Watercolour: Fiery Petals

Fiery Petals £50
Fiery Petals £50

I love painting larger-than-life flowers.

First of all, I cherish the opportunity to study them in minute detail, admiring all the complexity of colours and textures that nature endowed them with.

Secondly, it gives me sensual pleasure to witness watercolours find their way across rough paper, mixing together and revealing the paper here, obscuring it there.

For “Fiery Petals” I used a combination of dry paper method for the grass and yellow petals and wet paper method for the red petals in order to make the latter stand out.

Buy this painting at Kava Cafe, Rochdale Rd, Todmorden, until 1 December – or from me directly at

Listen to Muffins from Sherlock Suite

Muffins” opens Sherlock Suite. It is a lighthearted rhymed poem in which I wonder in despair how a country with such a great literary heritage can have such awful baked produce.

Rene Sens, who composed original soundtrack for Sherlock Suite, treated this opening piece as a theme tune.

Here is what he has to say:

For the main tune (“Sherlock Suite Theme” – for the poem “Muffins”) I’ve brought back my favorite virtual band with violins, cellos, basses, woodwinds and simple drums. I’ve told them about a melody they should have played (which I worked out on my synthesizer pretty fast) and – voila! – we’ve got it! Nice little tune, which was repeated in a different way in two more tracks (“Calculations” – for the poem “How to Spend Time Alone” and “Drunk Sunday Band” – for “How to be British”).

Rene Sens was born in 1981.

He started composing music in 1995. First, it was pure digital tracks made on ZX Spectrum and then PC. Since 2000 there has been a “real” music in portfolio.

Author and co-author of nearly 100 songs (in Russian). Wrote a pack of soundtracks for performances and PC games and a few stand-alone music albums.

Listen to the track for free here.

Buy my watercolours at Kava cafe, Todmorden

Watercolours at Kava Cafe
Watercolours at Kava Cafe

Drop by a popular Todmorden cafe called Kava in Rochdale Rd and check out my latest watercolour exhibition. There are six paintings altogether, in the price range £50-£100.

OxanaKavaExhibition20102015I have done three new pieces for this exhibition: two flowers and a local landscape. The other two are landscapes I had painted earlier: one realist and one more abstract. The exhibition is on until 1 December.

Hurry and get a gift of a local watercolour painting for that special someone!



Sherlock Suite album is out

SherlockSuiteAlbum2015“Sherlock Suite” is an album comprising 11 poems by Oxana Poberejnaia accompanied by original music score by Rene Sens. The music enhances and creates new meaning to the words.

It’s a story of a mother, wife and a relatively sane person obsessed with the BBC drama Sherlock. Family, binge eating, addiction to television, British national identity, weather and cuisine – and Sherlock is with her every step of the way!

Listen to the album and download for free here.

Sherlock is with Oxana as she complains about the tragic situation with baking in the homeland of The Beatles and Monty Python. Episode 2 of Sherlock consoles her as she goes to sleep after an exhausting and unrewarding day caring for a young child. Sherlock is her treat in the November twilight coloured by the radiant yellow leaves.

It is also a hindrance on her spiritual path, as after watching Sherlock she is too restless to sit calmly in meditation. Sherlock is a cue for contemplation on loneliness, hopelessness and friendship in this world.

Frame drumming at French and Breton music and dance workshop

Sandi and I have discovered French folk music and dance and met some wonderful musicians

Incidentals and Todmorden Frame Drum Group

Petra and musicians Petra and musicians

On Sat 26 September 2015 Oxana and Sandi of Incidentals attended French and Breton music and dance workshop organised by Les Panards Dansants – French Music and Dance in West Yorkshire.

The music/dance workshop, 1 to 2.30 pm (£2) was brilliant, we had such a great time. There was around 20 or more musicians playing guitars, violin, mandolin and similar instruments, bag pipes, bodhran, accordian, tambourine and much more. They had obviously played together a lot, they were excellent!

Neil, first left with a hand drum on the photo, also played a Glen Velez tambourine and a Meinl pandeiro. He learnt from YouTube!

Sandi and Oxana at the workshop Sandi and Oxana at the workshop

We joined in with our drums.

There was lovely food to help yourself to and make a brew in the interval. (Refreshments (£2) or bring and share a dish).

Then lots more people arrived for the Dance workshop:…

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