John Darwin, a Manchester-based poet was kind enough to give my performance at January 2014 Spoken Weird this review: “I was fascinated by the second guest Oxana Poberejnaia. Speaking fluently in a second language is hard enough but to write coherent and thought provoking poetry in one is astonishing. Her words were delightful, her mannerisms and delivery even more so. Unusual. She sticks in my head.”

Oxana Poberejnaia reading her poetry
Oxana Poberejnaia reading her poetry

“a BIG daffodil yellow thank you to you for being our guest at ‘The Puzzle’. You were wonderful…poems of poignancy, power and variety.” – Gaia Holmes

Magic Words audience and fellow performers

“Brilliant, quirky, rhythmic and utterly without rhythm, engaging, intriguing, slightly twisted, totally unpredictable and very, very wonderful” – Beth

“Honest, varied, idiosyncratic, true. I like it!” – George Murphy

“Cocky about taboos! And all the better for it” – John Hepworth

“I like how you use the drum to accompany your poems” – Julie Rose




Always enjoy listening to your work” – Robert

Sherlock Suite PosterAudience’s feedback, Sherlock Suite

“I really enjoyed your recitation of the poems – it was a great “performance”. What about a video?” –  Hilary Myers

Answering a question “Which poem was a favourite?” a member of the audience wrote:

“The last one? [My Sherlock] Actually hard to say one. I found them all poignant. Oxana’s performance is thrilling.”

Audience’s feedback, Daddies’ Girls

(I contributed a story Waking Up)

With an audience member
With an audience member

“Fabulous night. It really was a complete treat to be read to by such gorgeous, clever, creative women. Well done to you – what an achievement.” – Kathy Brownbridge

“The quality of writing and the professional delivery of the Daddies’ Girls set of stories, blew me away. I wanted to hear more, they would be perfect read in full on the radio.” – Jayne Grundy

“Fantastic evening of entertainment. The stories were well balanced in content – I felt my eyes filling with tears at times and then the emotion would switch and I was chuckling at a series of comically delivered remarks and anecdotes.” – Bernie O’Connor

Daddies' Girls at Not Part Of Festival
Daddies’ Girls at Not Part Of Festival

“I very much enjoyed the quality of the writing and open honesty of your experiences. You all come from such varied backgrounds with a wealth of connections. I thought the delivery of the writings was superb. The work you have done is inspiring. I would be interested in buying a book at some point if you ever publish. I am keen to hear you perform the same material again as well as follow your progress.” – Shelley Burgoyne


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