Video: I Shall Find You

Incidentals where I formerly played frame drums no longer performs. Sandi and I of Incidentals now play in a world music band Soma together with the marvellous Andrew and Steve.


I Shall Find You is a song by Tori Morrill&Al Newman. Inanna Sisters in Rhythm, who has originally played it, kindly gave us permission to perform the song and even shared their score notes! Inanna Sisters in Rhythm also count the late Layne Redmond as one of their teachers.

Sandi and Oxana made a couple minor changes in frame drums’ patterns, but overall it’s what our sisters across the ocean play. Andrew with his clarinet and Steve with his mandola make the magic complete.

Andrew also play a set of ankle jingles – something that Oxana and Sandi found impossible to do while playing frame drums at the same time – so kudos to Inanna Sisters in Rhythm for performing that feat! We all try to do our share in singing, and intend to use our voices more and more in the future.


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Daughters Across Borders trailer

Today is anniversary of my Father’s passing away. I wrote a short story about my relationship with him, and so did seven other women. Out book Daughters Across Borders will be out in June 2014 published by Indigo Dreams. Daughters Across Borders has its own website. View the trailer for the book here

Come to Daughters Across Borders Anthology of Short Stories launch readings:

– 24 May, 2pm at Todmorden Library

– 7 June, 2.30pm at Thackery’s Bookshop, Denton

-14 June, 2pm at Fulham Library

Poem: A Singing Grove

A Singing Grove performed in Bradford’s Waterstones at a reading with John Siddique.

Warm days of the Soviet 1980s…

I wrote this poem almost in its entirety at a break between two halves of Anne Caldwell‘s session at her course “Writing for Women”, so my gratitude goes out to her and all the women who inspired and supported me on that course and now.

I am also thankful to my parents for giving the happiest childhood one can wish for.

Video Poem ‘Amiss’ for Poetry Spread

In addition to the poem ‘The city of angels’, I also contributed this video poem ‘Amiss’ to the Not Part Of‘s Poetry Spread. It is the first ever video that I have put together, so I am quite excited and happy about myself.

The poem is about how things never stay the same.

Three Minute Theatre videos

Videos with my performances in Three Minute Theatre, Manchester.

This is “Mom is a Poem”. “Bricked Up” (first) and “Love Mummy” (third) by an amazing author and my friend Jude Fowler. “Almost Had Enough” (second) and “Mom’s Gift” (fourth)” by me.

And this one is “The Proof That We Cannot Understand Each Other” – confession of my love for languages, in particular, Russian, English and Japanese.