Watercolour Exhibition in Saker Cafe Todmorden

See and buy my two landscapes inspired by Portsmouth (Cornholme, Todmorden) scenery in Saker Cafe, Burnley Rd, Todmorden.

The framed watercolours, A3-sized

Heather in Bloom £45


Willow Gates £45

will be on exhibition in the cafe until end of September 2017.


Watercolour exhibition opens in Todmorden Information Centre


Exhibition of my watercolour paintings has opened in Todmorden Tourist Information Centre.

Visit the Centre in Burnley Rd, Todmorden, for free until Sunday 29 May to see landscapes inspired by views around Todmorden.

I also paint flowers, which I spot in Todmorden parks.

Panel4TIC2016In addition, a landscape portraying a Irish lake and another one of a Russian river are also on exhibit.

The paintings are original and framed. They are available for prices in the range of £30-50.

For this exhibition I painted two brand new landscapes, which are available for purchase.


A few paintings from private collections feature in the exhibition and are not for sale.

Panel6TIC2016The styles presented are varied: there are three paintings which I did in an abstract style with which I have been experimenting.

Some works have been done on dry paper, while others benefited from the special effect of wet paper that gives watercolour paintings their distinct look.

I hope you enjoy recognising familiar scenery in my watercolours as well as looking at the views from lands far away.

Have a warm and sunny May!


Watercolour Exhibition in Todmorden Information Centre during May 2016

Come see my watercolours at a free exhibition from 1st May 2016. Todmorden Information Centre is open Monday to Saturday from 10.00am to 4.00pm and Sundays 10.45am to 2.30pm.


I am presenting my favourite subjects, which are flowers and local landscapes. I admire the curves of the hills above Portsmouth and Cornholme, with their changing colours through the seasons. In addition to those, an Irish and a Russian landscape will also feature.

The paintings are framed and are available to buy at affordable prices (£30-£40). Treat yourself or buy a special gift for a loved one.

Buy my watercolours at Kava cafe, Todmorden

Watercolours at Kava Cafe
Watercolours at Kava Cafe

Drop by a popular Todmorden cafe called Kava in Rochdale Rd and check out my latest watercolour exhibition. There are six paintings altogether, in the price range £50-£100.

OxanaKavaExhibition20102015I have done three new pieces for this exhibition: two flowers and a local landscape. The other two are landscapes I had painted earlier: one realist and one more abstract. The exhibition is on until 1 December.

Hurry and get a gift of a local watercolour painting for that special someone!



Spring is welcome in Calderdale: together we celebrate

Todmorden Frame Drum Group and all-women frame drum band Incidentals held a community Spring celebration

Incidentals and Todmorden Frame Drum Group

Circle Dance for celebrating Spring Circle Dance for celebrating Spring

We drummed, we sang and we danced with the help of musicians from Incidentals band and Todmorden Frame Drum Group at Welcome Spring communal celebration on 21 March.

Other creatives and spiritual teachers joined:

  • Guest bodhrán player Anna Zueva-Owens,
  • Guest fiddle and recorder player Anna Butler,
  • Sacred Song teacher Susan Askey, who teaches on first Sundays of every month at 2 pm in Hebden,
  • and Sandi and Irene, members of the circle dance group led by Sophia Hatch that meets at the Oddfellows Hall, Todmorden on Thursday mornings.

The circle is open, but never broken!

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Incidentals at World Vegan Day Gig, 1 November 2014, Todmorden

My band Incidentals played at World Vegan Day Gig

Incidentals and Todmorden Frame Drum Group

Incidentals at World Vegan Day Gig Incidentals at World Vegan Day Gig

We were happy to play at World Vegan Day Gig organised by 3 Valley Veg*ns for two reasons: One, we got free delicious vegan dinner, and Two: it was the first time when Clare, our new flute player, joined us in performance.

Clare with her Native American Flute Clare with her Native American Flute

You can see Clare’s short bio here. Clare plays classical flute, as well as two Native American flutes: one large made with Yew and another smaller made with Holly.

The magical sounds of all three weaved in perfectly into the drumming and vocals.

To honour World Vegan Day, 1 November, the date when the world’s first Vegan Society was founded in the UK in 1944, we included a Buddhist Precept “not to kill” into our Shamanic Intro.

Sandi on Shamanic Drum Sandi on Shamanic Drum

For Shamanic Intro, Sandi usually plays a Remo shamanic drum, Sarah – a bird…

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Incidentals will play at World Vegan Day Gig in Fielden Centre, Todmorden

See my frame drum band Incidentals, introducing Clare on Native American flutes at World Vegan Day Gig

Incidentals and Todmorden Frame Drum Group

WVegan day event posterIncidentals will perform at World Vegan Day Gig, Sat 1 November, Fielden Centre, Todmorden, at 9 pm. Food from 7 pm, live entertainment from 7.30 pm.

Entry £7.

We are excited to have a flute player Clare join Incidentals. Come to see her play enchanting Native American flutes to go with the drumming.

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Daughters Across Borders: book launch

Daughters Across Borders: Authors and Books

The book “Daughters Across Borders” is out. We the authors read from it at a pre-launch in Todmorden Library and at the launch in Denton’s Thackeray’s Book store. Buy the book from Indigo Dreams Publishers or from Amazon.

Seven co-authors and I wrote eight stories about our relationships with our Fathers. Annie Hart gathered us all, physically in her place in Hebden Bridge and virtually online, to put together a book to honour that half of us – Fathers: fabulous, absent, distant and single parent ones.

Read about:

  • How one Father survived a Japanese POW camp during WWII
  • How another Father battered the Mother of his eight kids
  • How a Father raised his Daughter on his own and then left for another continent
  • How a Father had only six conversations with his Daughter in all his life
  • How a Father considered his life a quiet despair
  • How a Father dealt with his European daughter converting to Islam
  • How a Father conceived his Daughter against all odds
  • How a Father ordered chips from his Daughter without recognising her

The book is available as a paper copy and as a Kindle book from Amazon.