Check out the Alternative Route

There is one hidden reference to the BBC series Sherlock in this poem. Write in down in the comments section if you know what it is.

I used a change of rhythm in Alternative Route. It can be frowned upon (by poetry writing manuals, if they could frown). However, in this case I feel it’s justified. The regular structure of the first part of the poem reflects the orderly exercise it’s about – meditation – and the calm breath that underlies it.

The second part of the poem is about things that take you off-track, like Sherlock. The flow of the poem becomes more free and sometimes there are bumps on the way. Or maybe it is not so much off track as an alternative route to something.

Rene Sens‘ musical track called “Sketchy Monk” for this poem is truly groovy, with hypnotic percussion and mesmerising flute inviting you into the world of mind – or heart, if you prefer.


Collage: Green and Red

Green and Red

The earth we walk on, the food we keep to maintain our bodies, our ageing bodies. The plants that inspire us, the scenery that nourishes us. What we do with the energy we get from the sun. What we do with the time we get from life.

Please feel free to download and enjoy this collage.

The words in Russian by the photo of the Old Believer woman who had lived in the forest isolated from society for most of her life read “Russian Style”.



Collage: Five Faces of Woman

Five Faces of Woman

With this collage I wanted to honour the Goddess, the Feminine Mystique within me, and all my female family and friends. Feminine is vast, feminine is powerful, feminine is bursting with worlds.

We withdraw, we dream, we drum, we are born from the ocean foam, we step out, we create.

Please feel free to download and enjoy the collage.

Collage: Let’s Say Yes to Life, Let’s Say Yes to Love

Let's Say Yes To Life Let's Say Yes To Love

Please feel free to download and enjoy the collage.

The title is on the blue strip in Russian. Да (Dah) is Yes!

I did this collage when I was doing Julia Cameron‘s The Artist’s Way for the frist time. It is inspired by my relationship with my husband. We are both technofiles and Mac fans. Even before we became a couple, we ran into each other at a Tea Talk in the Chinese Art Centre. After we got married, our two substantial tea collections united as well in our cupboard.

It is not a matter of competition, of course, but I would say I love Japan more than he, although his passion for Ozu‘s films is remarkable – he’s got the whole collection, including some on Bluray.

What about Sean Connery, you ask? A girl has the right to a little secret of the heart! 🙂