I write poems and prose and paint watercolours. See what audiences and fellow poets say about my work here. For photos click here.

My poem “Stopped Among Oak Trees” was published in the poetry magazine South 47, “Walked in from the Cold” in South 48 and “And Yet” in South 49. “Three Ages of Water” appeared in Weyfarers 115. “Genesis of Frost” and “Promise” appeared in the 21 issue of The Seventh Quarry poetry magazine, winter-spring 2015. “Lips” and “The Way Through Tomsk” are in The Seventh Quarry’s 24th issue.

My haiku appeared in Convorbiri Literare, a Romanian literary magazine.

Listen to album Sherlock Suite, a collaboration with a composer called Rene Sens, here.

My flash fiction “Warrior Monk” was published in Orbis 162. My poems have been published in poetry anthologies Reflections: A Collection of PoetryAspects Of Love, Inspired and The Great British Write Off – No Place Like Home.

A collection of short stories Daughters Across Borders, to which I contributed, is published by Indigo DreamsBuy our book from Indigo Dreams website.

I paint watercolours, draw and make collages. I perform with my poetry and frame drum, and do story telling.

Thank you for dropping by and welcome to my website. Here you can:

In Todmorden, where I now live, I weave the web of life through knitting, crocheting and vegetable growing. I volunteered for Cornholme Community Project and worked for The Old Library.

My latest passion is frame drums. I facilitate Todmorden Frame Drum Group and lead Incidentals, the performing arm of the group. We play at local events and festivals.

I am on a journey of discovering the Sacred Feminine – through my writing, frame drumming and working through books such as Women who run with the wolves, When God was a WomanRed Moon by Miranda Gray, and When the Drummers Were Women.

I come from the emerald heart of the largest expanse of woods on earth: the lush Taiga. I studied domra (a Russian traditional instrument), Arts, Politics and Japanese language in my native city of Tomsk. Having moved to Manchester, I got PhD in Government and a black belt in Ko Do Ryu Karate. I have also started the practice of meditation.

I have been volunteering in sustainability and for Amnesty International. I am a proud member of the Vegan Society and the Green Party of England and Wales.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Well, you’re clearly having fun with your life! I just tracked you back here from a “like” on mine and enjoyed skipping through your creativity. I hope your event goes well. I’m not in manchester or I’d call in to see.

    1. I am having so much fun, it is exhausting sometimes! 🙂 Thank you so much for skipping through my blog! Thank you for your kind wishes as well. I wish you all the best.

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