Addicts United from Sherlock Suite

Having grown in the Soviet Union, I have internalised the slogan “Proletariat of all countries, unite!” It came out as “Addicts United” in Sherlock Suite.

You might have noticed, that the protagonist of Sherlock Suite fills her days with something other than just watching the BBC’s Sherlock. Yes, that’s right, she also watches quite a lot of House, The Office, and Fortysomething. She feels happy united with the like-minded characters who each find delight in never-ending obsessive activities: solving crimes, curing diseases, watching others do the aforementioned – you name it!

Rene Sens played with theme tunes from TV shows and games for this track, which in the lyrycsless soundtrack is called “Just Watch”.

Clue hunt

This poem contains two hidden references (besides the names and events) to the BBC drama Sherlock. Find them and put them in the comments box below.


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