Listen to Muffins from Sherlock Suite

Muffins” opens Sherlock Suite. It is a lighthearted rhymed poem in which I wonder in despair how a country with such a great literary heritage can have such awful baked produce.

Rene Sens, who composed original soundtrack for Sherlock Suite, treated this opening piece as a theme tune.

Here is what he has to say:

For the main tune (“Sherlock Suite Theme” – for the poem “Muffins”) I’ve brought back my favorite virtual band with violins, cellos, basses, woodwinds and simple drums. I’ve told them about a melody they should have played (which I worked out on my synthesizer pretty fast) and – voila! – we’ve got it! Nice little tune, which was repeated in a different way in two more tracks (“Calculations” – for the poem “How to Spend Time Alone” and “Drunk Sunday Band” – for “How to be British”).

Rene Sens was born in 1981.

He started composing music in 1995. First, it was pure digital tracks made on ZX Spectrum and then PC. Since 2000 there has been a “real” music in portfolio.

Author and co-author of nearly 100 songs (in Russian). Wrote a pack of soundtracks for performances and PC games and a few stand-alone music albums.

Listen to the track for free here.


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