Sherlock Suite album is out

SherlockSuiteAlbum2015“Sherlock Suite” is an album comprising 11 poems by Oxana Poberejnaia accompanied by original music score by Rene Sens. The music enhances and creates new meaning to the words.

It’s a story of a mother, wife and a relatively sane person obsessed with the BBC drama Sherlock. Family, binge eating, addiction to television, British national identity, weather and cuisine – and Sherlock is with her every step of the way!

Listen to the album and download for free here.

Sherlock is with Oxana as she complains about the tragic situation with baking in the homeland of The Beatles and Monty Python. Episode 2 of Sherlock consoles her as she goes to sleep after an exhausting and unrewarding day caring for a young child. Sherlock is her treat in the November twilight coloured by the radiant yellow leaves.

It is also a hindrance on her spiritual path, as after watching Sherlock she is too restless to sit calmly in meditation. Sherlock is a cue for contemplation on loneliness, hopelessness and friendship in this world.


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