Daughters Across Borders: book launch

Daughters Across Borders: Authors and Books

The book “Daughters Across Borders” is out. We the authors read from it at a pre-launch in Todmorden Library and at the launch in Denton’s Thackeray’s Book store. Buy the book from Indigo Dreams Publishers or from Amazon.

Seven co-authors and I wrote eight stories about our relationships with our Fathers. Annie Hart gathered us all, physically in her place in Hebden Bridge and virtually online, to put together a book to honour that half of us – Fathers: fabulous, absent, distant and single parent ones.

Read about:

  • How one Father survived a Japanese POW camp during WWII
  • How another Father battered the Mother of his eight kids
  • How a Father raised his Daughter on his own and then left for another continent
  • How a Father had only six conversations with his Daughter in all his life
  • How a Father considered his life a quiet despair
  • How a Father dealt with his European daughter converting to Islam
  • How a Father conceived his Daughter against all odds
  • How a Father ordered chips from his Daughter without recognising her

The book is available as a paper copy and as a Kindle book from Amazon.



4 thoughts on “Daughters Across Borders: book launch

  1. Fabulous Oxana – we look such a cool team. Nicely put together (as always) How’s life? How did the parade go on Sunday? Lets meet soon x x

      jude fowler 07990 538294


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