Mumbai Chai and contemporary classical music in Kava

Iconic statue at Kava Cafe and me
Iconic statue at Kava Cafe and me

The mysterious lady of Kava Cafe looked blankly past the audiences and the performers at the March Kultura spoken word event.

Out of all audience at spoken word events I have attended that one was the most civilised. They came and quite civilly sat on chairs. And applauded politely. No one heckled, no one yelled “Bravo!”, in fact, no one made any sound at all. In addition, all audience members left their own poems at home.

However, there was no lack of poetry, with Ed Reiss as my co-presenter. I first heard Ed read his comical poems at an event in Hebden Bridge library in November 2012. I read a poem I wrote there in Kava. The poem has an emphasis on the dark wooden beams that captured my imagination in Hebden Bridge Library, and the sound “cr” (I just fancied it).

Oxana Poberejnaia reading her poetry
Oxana Poberejnaia reading her poetry

My co-author on Daughters Across Borders Jude Fowler and I giggles at Ed’s poignant humorous poems, such as the self-effacing “Lots of Successful People and Me”.

As often happens, without prior agreement, poems of my co-presenter and mine echoed each other. At Shindig Steve Anderson and I poked at Shakespeare and sneered at current poetic culture. “Lots of Successful People and Me” was a marvellous counterpart to my “Degrees of Strangers”, which I wrote specifically for the gig at Kava, as a thank-you to all wonderful local people, who have supplied me with support, enthusiasm and topics for poems.

I was completely enchanted by Dale and Svetlana’s original composition, which they played on bass and violin respectively. It was a fine example of contemporary classic music, really fresh and moving. I am looking forward to their CD.

And finally – the Mumbai Chai that Jude treated me to and Svetlana expertly made was divine! Do visit Kava Cafe, for its drinks, veggie food, and for the delight that is Kultura evenings!

I am exhibiting my watercolours at Kava 27 May – 23 June 2014, come and buy some. 





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