Spoken Weird in Halifax

Audience at Spoken Weird, Jan 2014
Audience at Spoken Weird, Jan 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed Spoken Weird in Halifax run by the marvellous Geneviève L. Walsh – and was delighted to meet her Mom!

Geneviève L. Walsh
Geneviève L. Walsh

As usual, I could not stay for long, but I was happy to catch as highly political and straightforward performance by Keiron Lee Higgins. He says to racists and pop music fans what I am thinking about them.

Kieron Lee Higgins
Kieron Lee Higgins

John Darwin, a Manchester-based poet was kind enough to give my performance this review: “I was fascinated by the second guest Oxana Poberejnaia. Speaking fluently in a second language is hard enough but to write coherent and thought provoking poetry in one is astonishing. Her words were delightful, her mannerisms and delivery even more so. Unusual. She sticks in my head.” Much appreciated.


I only regret missing Dominic Berry’s performance and not having participated in the haiku competition – which Winston plowes, as you can see from this photo, took very seriously.

Winston Composes Haiku
Winston Composes Haiku

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