Radio Series “Citizens’ Advice: the Making of a Documentary”

English: Israel curbing water Artist's Comment...
English: Israel curbing water Artist’s Comments According to recent report of Amnesty International, Israel is denying Palestinians access to adequate water while settlers “enjoy lush lawns and swimming pools”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recommend this radio series: funny, poignant and political

Citizens’ Advice: The Making of a Documentary

It will be broadcast on Bradford Community Broadcasting 106.6FM for 6 consecutive Mondays starting 25th March (midnight) 12am.

Here it is on Soundcloud.

Geoff Winde’s radio series “Citizens’ Advice: The Making of a Documentary” announces its domain from the very first seconds. It is language and accents – or, culture and identity. “Just pretend your English is not very good. You are from Yorkshire, after all”.

Geoff Winde’s satirising does not take prisoners. The author uses play of words, the dry language of regulations, and misunderstandings in order to point to listeners the injustices present in our world. Geoff Winde incorporates an Amnesty International case study from Israel into the story.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though: cats falling on ice-cream vans, job meetings in a cupboard and taking cows before European court brighten up the scenery.

The format of the series is brave: dialogues between characters are interspersed with automated message reciting options and prompting a listener to wait. An extract from ‘Sprinting Gazelle‘ by Reem Kelani, a Palestinian musician, plays in the finale. The series is produced to the professional standard (thanks to Sam Stocks and Beech Pilkington), and the multi-cultural cast are excellent.

The voices: male-sounding, female-sounding, British-sounding and foreign-sounding come and go. This effect becomes background for the series – and a reminder to us that we live in a multivocal world.

What do we, citizens of the Global North, do at this time of earth’s history? Which button do we press? What are our options? “Citizens’ Advice” urges us to make the right choices. After all, “If there isn’t light at the end of the tunnel, it would be a hole in the ground”.

One of my favourite story lines is the mystery of Mrs Patel. It is endlessly entertaining and haunting, surreal and even sci-fi. To see if you can solve it – listen to Geoff Winde’s “Citizens’ Advice: The Making of a Documentary”.

Geoff Winde promotes this website. This is a site with a lot of bloggers and Tweeters concerned with Human Rights and Justice for Palestinians.


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