Speech Bubble: freezing and laughing

Carola Luther, Ian Humphreys, Oxana Poberejnaia, Graham Alexander, Winston Plowes, Jim Donaghy
Carola Luther, Ian Humphreys, Oxana Poberejnaia, Graham Alexander, Winston Plowes, Jim Donaghy

Speech Bubble performers (above) and the audience that gathered in The Hole in The Wall on 24 January raised £77 for the Upper Valley Flood Fund (£72 on the night and £5 as later donation).

Char March, although ill and in pain with a migraine, arrived and delivered a personal account of floods in Hebden Bridge, which was as disturbing and it was funny. Char also read her poetry. Unfortunately, due to illness, she had to leave immediately and so does not appear in the photo above.

Winston PlowesWinston Plowes – pictured here in his special poet’s hat – then took it away with his poetry written specifically as a reaction to the floods: both visual and verbal.

Ian HumphreysIan Humphreys read his flash fiction that I loved from the first time I heard it at a course taught by Anna Turner. It is so human, witty and original!

Carola LutherCarola Luther took the stage and something magical happened immediately to me. With the first few lines of her poems I felt suddenly as if brought sharply back into my body, the whole of me, and complete calm descended. Really amazing stuff.

Jim DonaghyThen we all took a break, during which people moved energetically up and down, partially to get drinks, partially to get warm, as it was freezing.

As a result, for the second part of the evening, everyone moved closer to the fire-place, where Jim Donaghy delivered a most hilarious account of the current state of art and creativity in the UK. The audience and fellow performers laughed in delight.

Graham AlexanderGraham Alexander entertained us with a mix of surreal and highly topical pieces. His poem about Money was inspiring.

Oxana PoberejnaiaFinally I did my bit with “Sherlock Suite“, and I was really happy to hear how well my brother’s music went with the poems and how well it sounded in the pub’s space.

The whole process of organising and holding the event was exhilarating, and I am especially grateful to my creative friends Ian and Graham. We make a great team.

Speech Bubble team
Speech Bubble team

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