Orbis and Kudos magazines

Orbis poetry magazine
Orbis poetry magazine

I received a lovely message from Carole Baldock, editor of the poetry magazine Orbis, saying that she is considering my flash fiction “Warrior Monk” for publication for either issue #162 or #163.

I am very excited. That piece was inspired by a performance of Tibetan Buddhist monks from Tashi Lhunpo monastery.

Carole asked me to pass the word about her magazines Orbis and Kudos.

Here is what she says:

“You may find Kudos of interest, our subscribers include several magazine editors as well as institutions all over the world, such as New York Central Library and Harvard.



Plenty of opportunities for publication, and also an excellent resource: information about magazines, Small Presses, festivals, literary events etc.”

Wenlock Poetry Competitions
Wenlock Poetry Competitions

Carole hopes you will find these facebook groups interesting and useful. Take a look at these announcements of poetry competitions.

the Orbis group

and Kudos for Writers, for writers who prize writing

Kent and Sussex Poetry Society Competition
Kent and Sussex Poetry Society Competition



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