Long live traditional fairy tale!

Telling a Russian fairy tale at MIll Pond Studio Opening
Telling a Russian fairy tale at MIll Pond Studio Opening


Mill Pond Studio in Hebden Bridge opened with an Open Mic that featured the creme de la creme of local poets, musicians and story tellers.


My friend Jim Donaghy read his lyrical as well as funny poems, on of which was very “PINK” (in a falsetto)! My other friend Graham Alexander sang and played his guitar.


Both will be taking part in a Flood Fund fundraiser Speech Bubble on 24 January, 7.30 pm, in The Hole in the Wall.


Here is the facebook page for that.

A maracas for Maria Tsarevna
A maracas for Maria Tsarevn


As for me, I told a Russian fairy tale “Go I Know Not Where and Fetch me I Know Not What”.


I lent percussion instruments to volunteers from the audience.


Each instrument was assigned to a character from the tale.


As soon as I mentioned that character, a helper from the audience was supposed to rattle that rattle or rub that wooden frog on the back.

Spinning the yarn
Spinning the yarn


And so the tale came to life. Magical balls of yarn and fiery rivers led us to the heart of the mystery – i.e. to I Know no What.


We were assisted by the powerful sorceress Maria Tsarevna (Princess in Russian), her Mother Baba Yaga, and her GreatGrandmother the three-hundred-year-old frog.


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