Event: TUC March For A Future That Works Benefit at Trades Club, 10 October

A Future That Works - London, 20 October
A Future That Works – London, 20 October

I am reading my poetry in the Trades Club, Hebden Bridge, at TUC March For A Future That Works Benefit.

Wednesday 10th October
Doors open 8pm until 12am

All proceeds go to pay for a coach to get people to the TUC Demo on the 20th Oct.

I will be on stage (I go at about 8.15 pm) along with: Alice Mahon +other speaker, The Sail Pattern,
Cookie Time! and DJ Maverick.

I am supporting the gig and the march because I believe that austerity is not working. I was angered and disgusted when a while ago I received a letter from the Calderdale Council with a survey asking me to choose whom we should cut off: the elderly, the disabled, or the orphans. This is what austerity meant from the very beginning: taking the last resources from the most vulnerable, while corporations and the super rich benefit.

Prices keep rising, services are more and more expensive each day, but the salaries are not going up and there are no new jobs. The government’s policies are clearly not working, even at achieving the goals they were supposed to.

I believe that we need policies that promote new industries – the while sector of green jobs, in fact, as well as old industries. Raise average pay, penalise big bonuses and invest in training and new industries – these are our demands. I cannot come to London on 20 October, but I will support the action with my poetry, and, although I do not write much political poems, I have picked the most anti-capitalist ones I have got for this gig.

I will be premiering a poem about my favourite poet, and, let’s be honest about it, a god, Vladimir Mayakovsky.


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