Magic Words are back, “Be Prepared” to be amazed!


4 magic words
4 magic words (Photo credit: OO7fish)

Emma Decent opened the second season of Magic Words with a poem about early morning, when it is time to have sex with the world. Emma also treated us with the start of her new flowing monologue, full of carefully constructed associations, echoes and references.

Meriel Malone, the author of a successful e-book of poetry “Was it something I Said” available from The Argotist Online, gave an emotional performance. She started with a cheeky poem about the elusively beautiful accountant Maureen and finished with a deeply lyrical and beautifully observed poem about finally realising you’re an adult -which made me put my head on my hands in a desperate sort of acceptance.

Matthew Bellwood was a very pleasant surprise of the evening. His story telling is natural, light-hearted and dramatic. I got sucked into Matthew’s quirky stories, and I wanted them to end well – which they did, usually with a very positive calls for action: be brave, believe, and share your dreams. And the image of a golden eagle emerging from behind a wheelie bin will stay with me forever.

As for the “Be prepared” motto (that was also the motto of Young Communist Pioneers, an organisation to which I belonged), it, as Matthew rightly states, should apply to all our lives – mundane and creative.

As usual, I could not stay for the headliner, A-list poet Anne Caldwell. However, thankfully, I am familiar with her work. Anne taught me at “Writing Course for Women”, and the first poem I read at Magic Words was written as an exercise at that course. Anne’s third poetry collection Talking with the Dead  was published by Cinnamon Press. I have always found Anne poems extremely bodily, sensual, and feminine in their flowing, watery, themes and patterns.

All of the above, plus conversations with fellow poetry and prose authors, who also happen to be… singers, thumb organ players or psychiatric ward nurses – you name it – make for a great start of a creative year. I am looking forward to discoveries even more exciting writing, and to performing at Magic Words, especially on 11 December, when I will be doing a 15-minute guest spot!


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