Magic Words spoken word event

Emma Decent, a writer, performer, freelance feature journalist and playwright, has kindly organised a wonderful spoken word event in Todmorden, which, as she rightly states, is the centre of the world. It takes place in Bramsche cafe and it is called Magic Words. It’s been packed full all three times since it’s launched in March 2012.

Great established poets and eager spoken word lovers performed autobiographical, philosophical and comical poems and spoken words pieces, and the audience has been nothing short of a rage. Emma Decent artistically performs her observant and philosophical oeuvres.

Oxana at the Open Mic at Magic Words 8 May 2012

I perform my poems with some drumming. My biggest regret with all of this is that, due to family commitments, I have to leave almost straight after my own performance at Open Mic, which means I miss most of the other Open Mic performances, including my beloved Jim, my co-traveller along The Artist’s Way – we did all 12 weeks in that group in Hebden Bridge!

I also missed such great headlining poets who go on after Open Mic as John Clarke & Jimmy Andrex, Freda Davis and John Siddique!

However, I was lucky enough to have learnt from the experimental style of Winston Plowes. I was amused by Alison McCabe’s witty account of her buying a special bra in Hebden Bridge. There was an accident during that reading, the one along the lines of people confused about gender. The brilliant and quick Emma Decent read a poem describing the case at the next Magic Words. The audience roared.

In April, I related so much to punk poet Cayn White‘s political, rhythmed and rhymed verses. And of course, my friends Ian and Graham and I were happy to hear enlightening, observing and funny poems by our fellow student on the Creative Writing Course, the wonderful Karen Alderson.

In May, Magic Words happened on the 8th, the last day of WWII in Europe, a special date for all post-Soviet people. This is what made Sean Kavanagh‘s poems about was so poignant to me. His football satire was hilarious, as well! My friends and I all admired the exquisite mastery of language by Sarah Corbett, who in one of her poems mentioned Dostoyevsky‘s Raskolnikov, which by synchronicity, had already been a subject of discussion on our writing course.

I would like to once again thank Emma and her partner Clare for organising the event, all the poets – guests, headliners and Open Mic performers – for their art, and, most of all, the kind people in the audience for their overwhelming, humbling support. Thank you, Todmorden!


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