Event – 11 October, Daddies’ Girls at Ilkley Literature Festival Fringe 2011

Happy Daddies Girls after the performance is done

Daddies’ Girls (Daughters Across Borders) performed our short stories at this year’s Ilkley Literature Festival Fringe.

I read extracts from my story about my Dad entitled Waking Up.

It was in a proper theatre and everything. There was a a Puppet Show on before us, with exquisite puppets dressed in Pakistani garments. The cafe at the entrance to the theatre was filled with the spectators who admired the puppets, which the actors brought out to demonstrate to the public.

Heroic Julie and her husband Ken were handing out our leaflets trying to entice people to stay on for our performance, but everybody seemed to either have had enough culture for that night or was going to the theatre next door for a different event.

So we asked a volunteer who helped us with setting up the stage to be our audience. He politely declined.

We went backstage – and then – miraculously – when we thought we would head straight home from there – we had audience! Yeah! So we performed under a huge screen which showed a Power Point presentation brilliantly put together by Ken.

So, here we are, our final reading – at least until the book is published next year and we go on tour!

More details at Daughters Across Borders

Date       Tuesday 11th October 2011

Time       9.15pm

Venue     Ilkley Playhouse Wharfeside Theatre

(Weston Road
West Yorkshire
LS29 8DW)


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