Event – 9 July Halifax Festival

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I performied Sherlock Suite accompanied by the original music score by my brother Alexander Poberezhny at the Saturday Serenade at Harveys event at Halifax Festival. You can listen to this soundtrack for free here.

Date: 9 July 2011

Time: 11 am – 2 am. My slot:  1.15-2 pm

Venue: The Restaurant, Harveys of Halifax

Tickets: Free

Box office: No need to book, for more information call 01422 349422

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon, and the restaurant at Harveys was packed. the lovely Halifax Festival volunteers gave me a glass of iced water, put the CD with the original soundtrack on – and off I went.

A grey-haired lady in the front row gave me this useful advice in a gentle voice: ‘Don’t say that we are better than Americans, it’s not nice’. I promised her I would change that line that only meant to be ironic, in my poem “How to be British“. Although, on the second thought, I won’t. But I appreciate lively interest that the members of the audience took in the content of my humble verses.


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