Event – The Three Minute Theatre 30 April

I have performed my monologues

The Proof that we cannot Understand Each Other (a study of uselessness of human languages) and

A Phone Call (a sketch about a troubled realtionship)

at The Three Minute Theatre today, 30 April 2011. It’s got a new and wonderful own space on the ground floor of Afflecks Palace, Manchester, M4 1PW, Oldham Street entrance.

I had a lot of fun, although I was so nervous, my legs were shaking – which is never good when you wear black leggings. So I was breathing in through my nose and out of my mouth. And doing Pilates. Nothing relaxes you quite as much as standing on one leg backstage.

The organisers John, Gina and Affie were sacrificial in their untiring attempts to put on a great show. My deepest thanks go out to them.

As they do to my Daddies’ Girls comrades, Annie and Jo, who came to support me and the formidable Jude – the author of one of the Three Minute plays on today’s menu.

The team of authors and actors today was incredible and bursting with energy. It is really a joy to be among creative people. And thank you to everyone who clapped. Nice. I feel nice inside. 🙂



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