Prose – Free Writing 13 December 2010

Free Writing 13 December 2010

Free wiring. Writing free. Free as a wind in front of which no one built a wall the height of the whole earth’s atmosphere or stuck it into the aerodynamic tunnel and forced to swirl around in order to test some new car that no one would be able to buy, but some people would be able to rent in order to able to race around race tracks on Saturdays. And Sundays. And after work. All the time when they are not in work, in fact. Anything to avoid seeing their wives and children. If only they knew that their wives and children would do anything in order to avoid seeing them. And their children and their mothers respectively. The problem is women and children have fewer opportunities to earn free time in this world. Unless wives prostitute themselves to their husbands’ business associates, and their children become the stars of the new Harry Potter-like franchise.

Otherwise, the weak of the this world are locked into their kitchens, their lounges, their schools, their schools yards, their backyards, their community college rooms, their knitting and reading groups. Forever cold, forever dark, forever having to be with people they don’t like but lean towards in order to borrow some warmth. In order to remember how to speak. In order to stop themselves crashing their heads in their television sets. While their respective Fathers and husbands gain one lap after another on a racetrack in the moonlight, their car that no one can afford forcing the wind around it in unthinkable trajectories.


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